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RAVEN Zaventem first opened its doors in 2016.


By making use of the latest technologies, we provide the best and most enjoyable VR-experience to each of our visitors.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) has become increasingly popular in recent years. VR is an environment which is completely simulated by a computer. The content for virtual reality is made in such a advanced way that the experiences look and feel realistic. As the user is surrounded by hearing and visual senses, the user begins to feel present in this virtual environment and can experience a huge range of sensations.

Escape rooms

We also offer different traditional & virtual escape rooms where you immerse yourself in a unique environment. An escape room is an interactive game, where players attempt to complete riddles and puzzles in order to escape within the hour. Teamwork is a must when entering an escape room…

What do we offer?

RAVEN offers various VR-experiences, such as games, but also professional business experiences. For example, RAVEN is available to both individuals, as well as to large corporates, by organising teambuildings, trainings and workshops. Furthermore, it is possible to hire equipment from RAVEN to be used at private events.

Enjoy your VR-experience in a secure environment alongside friends, family or colleagues!

Training & Workshops

We also offer various trainings and workshops, to inform people about the future and the emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Afterwards we look at how this technology could be applied in their sector.

Tom Van Minsel
CEO/VR Expert/ Founder

Vanessa De Noyette
Co-founder / Manager French Community


Last night VR saved my life!

A story with 15 operations and a mind that never gives up


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