MICE Party

The Legendary Edition

Last Tuesday, we were invited to the MICE party! That’s an annual event especially for event agencies. Thanks to @Eventonline and @KonseptS, we could introduce a lot of event managers to Virtual Reality!

It was a very productive evening and a lot of new professional connections were made. Virtual Reality is a very important and innovative activity during events. It can be used for fun, for education, for enhancing the team spirit, for solving difficult business challenges and so much more! Virtual Reality truly opens the door to endless business and event possibilities.

Are you from a Belgian event agency and did you miss us at the Mice party? Contact us to book a free trial experience!

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New staff outfits!

We are proud to announce that our staff’s new outfits have arrived!
From now on, you will be welcomed to our facilities by stylish black and flashing RAVEN blue!

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The Fiksfabriek

This weekend we were part of the Fiksfabriek. This one-day event focused on children and their parents and encouraged them to try out different activities like graffiti painting, soldering, crafting,…

The kids were truly excited to try out our VR experiences. We’re glad we can inspire the engineers of the future! Our energy renews again and again when we see all their happy faces! Thank you to all the participants and Jeugddienst Brugge for this amazing project.

Below you can find an overview of our booth:

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This was our Onward Bootcamp

On Friday 12 April, we hosted a Virtual Reality Onward Bootcamp at RAVEN Zaventem.

11 brave soldiers volunteered to battle each other in the differents maps of the Onward game. There was a lot of fake blood, but also real sweat and laughter.
The group was very skilled. The players understood the basics fast and played more than 5 game matches in 1 evening.

People crawled on the floor, learned how to reload a wide range of guns and even played a mini petanque session with virtual pieces of chalk meant to silently discuss an attack route.

In short, it was a very fun evening and a lot of VR skills were improved.

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There will be a new Onward Bootcamp evening soon. Want to be the first to know about it? Check our Facebook and Instagram regularly or send an email to Benjamin@raven-zaventem.be.

Hoping to hear from you!

The RAVEN team


PS Do you know we are planning on creating an e-sports team that battles in Onward competitions? Send an email to Benjamin@raven-zaventem.be if you’re interested!


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