This was our Onward Bootcamp

On Friday 12 April, we hosted a Virtual Reality Onward Bootcamp at RAVEN Zaventem.

11 brave soldiers volunteered to battle each other in the differents maps of the Onward game. There was a lot of fake blood, but also real sweat and laughter.
The group was very skilled. The players understood the basics fast and played more than 5 game matches in 1 evening.

People crawled on the floor, learned how to reload a wide range of guns and even played a mini petanque session with virtual pieces of chalk meant to silently discuss an attack route.

In short, it was a very fun evening and a lot of VR skills were improved.

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Hoping to hear from you!

The RAVEN team


PS Do you know we are planning on creating an e-sports team that battles in Onward competitions? Send an email to if you’re interested!