REVA 2019

At REVA 2019, we showed the handicapped people what Virtual Reality can do for them.

A lot of curious people tried the VR headset on. A few tears were shed when they realised that in VR, their disability doesn’t have to be a limitation in order to move and see the virtual world.

At RAVEN we focus on the possibilities of VR and how it can help people with different kinds of disabilities. For example, we hosted people with only 1 full arm, we helped a lot of people in wheelchairs with VR and we’ve assisted nearly blind people as well during their virtual adventures.

We can also help people with (not so severe) arachnophobia to overcome their fear of spiders.

Do you have a disability, phobia or other condition? Contact us and we’ll discuss how we might be able to help you with Virtual Reality!

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