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Welcome to the RAVEN FAQ Page! If your question is not answered below, please contact us here to contact us here.

VR stands for Virtual Reality.
It is an environment completely simulated by a computer in such a way that it looks realistic. A headset gives you the visual and audio experience so you feel like you’re really present in the virtual world.
Tom, our CEO, always says: “You have to experience VR to fully understand what it is!

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes you can easily move in. Sometimes the games can be rather sporty!
We advise you to wear a pair of pants. Skirts and dresses are allowed, yet slightly less practical when working with a wireless VR headset.

Yes, you can!
We adjust every headset at the beginning of the game so it is comfortable for each team member. However, if you wear glasses, it might be the case that after 20 minutes or so the headset will feel too tight. When that happens, just yell “RAVEN” and we’ll adjust your headset until it feels comfortable again.

You can come to us from the age of 8 years to try out Virtual Reality.

In our arcade of 2200m2 you can come with 200 people at the same time.

No. We divide the groups into groups of maximum 4 people. This group always stays
together and does different games and experiences (sometimes against the other groups) in a
unique rotation system.

No. Because the material is of very high quality, the chance of “motion sickness” is limited
to a minimum. The chance that you will become nauseous is therefore extremely small.

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can, however, state your preference (well in
advance) and then together we will see whether this is feasible. Without this preference, we are
currently looking at the character of the group to see what games would be ideal for this group.

Yes. We have more than 200 parking spaces available.

If your question is not answered below, please contact us here.

What is VR?

What kind of clothes should I wear?


Can I keep my glasses on?


I booked via the website. Is my reservation complete?


Can I bring my own drinks?


What is the minimum age to play VR?


How many people can we play with at the same time?


Is everyone in our group always in the same game?

Do I get nauseous with Virtual Reality?


Can we choose our own games?

Is there enough parking space?


Is catering possible? Are meeting rooms available?

Yes. We have a wide range of catering (https://raven-zaventem.be/en/catering) and two
meeting rooms available.

For a VR session with friends and / or family you pay in advance or on the spot. You can
pay for a team building in advance, on the spot or afterwards on invoice.

Yes. We have a lot of events at other locations, so there are not always VR attendants
on site at RAVEN.

Unfortunately, we are situated on the first floor of a building without an elevator. This means that it is only possible if the person can be carried upstairs, or is able to climb the stairs independently.