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In the wild east, the small hamlet of Thiercelieux has fallen prey to Werewolves. The villagers must pull together to eradicate this new plague before they are all devoured ….
What, you don’t know Thiercelieux? Such a pretty little village in the east, well sheltered from the wind and cold, nestled between charming forests and good pastures.
The inhabitants of Thiercelieux are affable farmers, happy with their tranquility and proud of their work. Around them are characters as diverse as a fortune teller, a witch, a thief, the captain (who rambles on and on), Cupid (who knits hearts and romances), and even a little girl with charming pigtails.
However, at night, the peaceful village is invaded by werewolves who catch and devour the peasants one by one. If nobody reacts, the whole village is threatened!