R.A.V.E.N. – Zaventem


Real-life escape rooms

Work together and find your way out

EXPLORE our 3 rooms

Challenge yourself and your friends in one of our mythical escape rooms. From ancient Egypt to the heart of the jungle, we have something for everyone.

Take on the role of a true explorer and solve numerous riddles and puzzles before time runs out.

We have 3 real-life escape rooms available for you. Looking for the best of both worlds? Then be sure to check out our ubisoft VR-escape rooms!

for beginners

jungle dice

Birds, insect and many other creatures make strangely mesmerizing noises, suddenly you hear something that is not supposed to be there. You hear the sounds of drums…

Curious you and your friends decide to go have a look and as you approach the strange sounds you end up standing in front of what seems to be an old shed.

The sounds are coming from in there, you are certain of it!

for advanced players

Rise of the three-eyed raven

The men are marching at an even pace with their leather soled boots. Most of them already feel their feet getting numb, or worse, bitten by the cold. They travel along an icy and beaten path towards the great wall, officers are yelling orders trying to keep their soldiers in check and moral high. Deserting won’t be tolerated.

for experts

dusk of ra

A mysterious device has been found in the Giza plateau in Egypt.

The R.A.V.E.N. Foundation decided to send their specialist professor Sandoval to investigate.

A month later, updates are getting scarcer and go from bad to worse and then, 

no more…


Do you dare to accept the challenge?