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The Company

R.A.V.E.N. has opened its doors in 2016 and is located centrally in Zaventem. It’s the first place where you can play games in Virtual Reality. R.A.V.E.N. makes use of the latest technologies to provide the best and most optimal VR experience available.
R.A.V.E.N. is specialized in trainings and company events in their location but also all over Europe, we also have a development team.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (short: VR) becomes ever more popular. VR is an environment completely simulated by a computer in such a way that it looks realistic. Hearing and visual senses are spiked as the user feels him- or herself to be present in this virtual environment. R.A.V.E.N. offers various VR experiences such as games but also professional experiences and training enviroments. R.A.V.E.N. caters to both the individuals as to large corporates, being able to organize team buildings, trainings and workshop, as well as rent out equipment or entertain private/public events. Enjoy VR games in a secure environment with friends, family, for birthdays, for a teambuilding, at events or other.

Escape Rooms

R.A.V.E.N. also has 4 escape rooms. This is an interactive game whereby players are locked in a room filled with riddles and puzzles. It’s up to them to try and escape the room within an hour.

Training & Workshops

R.A.V.E.N. also offers various trainings and workshops to enlighten decision makers and employees in the use of new emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in their industry. As such, R.A.V.E.N. works to offer clear examples and use cases how such technologies can help your business to set itself apart from the competition.

Operations All-Round Employee

- Un environnement de travail dynamique, motivant et gratifiant, où vous pouvez dépasser vos attentes.
- Une opportunité unique d'apprendre et de maîtriser la réalité virtuelle et éventuellement de découvrir un nouveau domaine professionnel.
- Une chance d'essayer et d'utiliser les derniers jeux, expériences et équipements de réalité virtuelle.


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Vr Assistant (Student)

Are you looking for a fun student job in a youthful & growth-oriented workplace?

RAVEN Zaventem needs you!


– are a motivated and stress-proof person who likes to friendly interact with clients.

– have a minimum knowledge of Virtual Reality.

– can drive and have a driver’s license and your own car.

– know how to speak 2 of the following languages (all 3 is a big bonus): English, French, Dutch.

– have experience in the food service industry (BONUS).

  • VR Assistant:

All-Round Employee

· are a motivated and stress-proof person who likes to friendly interact with clients.
· have expertise in entertainment (in Virtual Reality context) and 7 years of experience in the food service, event or retail industry.
· have a driver’s license and your own car.
· obtained a high school diploma.
· speak 2 of the following languages fluently (all 3 is a big bonus): English, French, Dutch.
· are good at organizing and you have leadership skills.

  • All-Around Employee:

Operations All-Round Employee

– A dynamic, motivating and rewarding work environment, where you can grow beyond your expectations.
– A unique opportunity to learn and master Virtual Reality and potentially discover a new professional field.
– A chance to try and to use the latest Virtual Reality Games, Experiences and Hardware.


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Yes, VR is asbsolutely safe, but it is important to follow safety guidelines and instructions from R.A.V.E.N. team. Upon arrival instruction videos will be shown with the safety guidelines and the rules to follow to maximize your RAVEN VR experience. Our trained staff will be guiding and advising you through your whole VR journey.
Yes, absolutely. Every customer will be wearing a VR headset and have its own personal space. The whole purpose of the RAVEN experience is to immerse yourself completely into VR and to experience this together with other players as if you were all in this magical world together. And work together as a team or compete against each other to battle against ennemies, save the world or try to escape from different challenging situations. The co-operative aspect of VR is very important for RAVEN so every customer will be joining and experiencing VR together. The VR headsets and VR stations will not be shared by different persons and will not be switched during the VR sessions. Nobody will be waiting its turn to experience VR while another customer is playing. Everybody plays at the same time and together. That's the whole purpose of the immersive VR experience.
Yes of course.

Giftcards available on demand for virtual reality, physical escape rooms as well as VR escape games or for our karaoke room!

Catering/open bar can be included in the giftcards as well.

A super fun experience. Plenty of choices available. It's great that as you come back to play more often, you can tackle increasingly more difficult and challenging VR games or escape rooms. Top-notch team building! Your mind is really getting blown away by the immersive experience of it all and plays tricks on you! Absolutely worth it. We'll definitely come back!


RAVEN Zaventem VR & Escape Room Client

A magnificent location with a top team that is trilingual and patient in assisting. Both the VR experience and escape rooms are amazing experiences, highly recommended as well for beginners as more experienced players

Wim V.H.

RAVEN Zaventem VR & Escape Room Client

The staff is super friendly. Absolute must for both young and old!

Patrick V.H.

RAVEN Zaventem VR Client

Enter a whole new virtual world and get real goosebumps!

Robby D.B.

RAVEN Zaventem VR Client

Really fun to do! I am not a game freak, but this is a different level. Highly recommended!

Shirley D.

RAVEN Zaventem VR Client
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